Wolf Hunt Full eBook PDF Download [Free]

Wolf Hunt Full eBook PDF Download [Free]

Wolf Hunt

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Book Description

Adam Jayaram never in his wildest dreams imagined he’d end up becoming a pimp and drug dealer while working for a mafia don in Kolkata, India. Yet through a strange series of events he finds himself in the notorious brothels of Sonagachi, trapped in a lifestyle that he finds both repugnant and seductive at the same time. Working as a goonda, he quickly becomes the predator his street name ‘Wolf’ suggests, pimping out his girlfriend and honing his skills as an enforcer to lethal precision. Soon he has all but forgotten his moral upbringing, believing he is too far gone to ever return to his family or to the God he once knew. But Adam underestimates the ‘Hound of Heaven’ who has been in hot pursuit right from the beginning…and who is closing in fast.

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